Breakfast Foods

I am not a breakfast person.

So many people are mesmerized by the thought of eggs, pancakes, and all-day breakfast specials. They love breakfast so much, they could eat it any time, all the time.

Brunch. Photo courtesy of Avery.

Brunch. Photo courtesy of Avery.

When given the option, at say, brunch, I’m the first one to grab the non-breakfast items. “Breakfast” sausages, a muffin, crudités, or things that could fit in at any meal (at least in my mind), like fruit or cheese.

Don’t get me wrong. There are certain things I like. I love french toast, when someone makes it for me. I love croissants, danishes, and pretty much anything combining fruit and pastry.

Pancakes are just wrong. Save the explosive, hot blueberry pancake, they’re easy to screw up. It’s impossible to get the perfect balance of syrup. Too much, and they’re lifeless, drowning blobs with no fluff or bounce to be had. Too little and they’re dry, pasty and boring. I can only really handle them served with real maple syrup (I’m from Canada, eh?).

I guess the reason why I’m writing this is that I’ve started to like breakfast.

An organic chocolate-chip pancake. Photo courtesy of Avery.

An organic chocolate-chip pancake. Photo courtesy of Avery.

Not TRUE breakfast foods, I guess. But the act of breakfast. Just getting up, enjoying a meal, and reading the news.

Let me share some meals I’ve had lately:


  • Dark rye bread and butter
  • A bowl of cranberry-raspberry yogurt
  • Two clementines
  • Earl Grey tea with milk


  • A toasted blueberry bagel and cream cheese
  • A pink grapefruit, halved and cut into sections
  • Earl Grey tea with milk

Today’s breakfast wasn’t as interesting, but nonetheless delicious: A bowl of Oatmeal Crisp with raisins and milk.

Recently, I’ve taken to breakfast. Not pancakes or eggs, but food that I genuinely enjoy, eaten at breakfast.

So what does that make me? A non-breakfast food, breakfast-time lover?

I am what I am, I suppose. A food lover. At any time of day.


2 responses to “Breakfast Foods

  1. No, see, you’ve just started moving your body a lot. Walking to school and all that. It’s a weird sensation. When you use energy throughout the day, you need some fuckin food in the morning.

    I never used to enjoy breakfast. For years, I would get up at 7:00 in the morning, shower, and eat a tiny little bowl of cereal, because that’s the only thing my stomach could handle. The thought of a real meal for breakfast (on a school day, at least) would often make me very upset.

    Since I have been living in Montreal, exerting myself, I’ve been eating hearty breakfasts every day. Eggs, toast, cereal, oatmeal, fruits, waffles, what have you, always accompanied by a delicious cup of coffee. (Is it weird that I’m really starting to enjoy black coffee?)

  2. Earl Grey tea with milk is REALLY WRONG.
    Black coffee is REALLY RIGHT.
    MY French Toast and Whatever Pancakes are generally REALLY GOOD, BOUNCY, FLUFFY and EXCITING. (Rarely boring).
    Your writing, on the other hand is a DELIGHT.

    I’d read it for breakfast any day.


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