The Wait

Don’t you hate the wait? You know what I’m talking about, even if you don’t think you do.

It’s that feeling between putting yourself out there -for whatever reason- and the acceptance, the confirmation that your actions are well-received.

Tick tock goes the clock.

Tick tock goes the clock.

Let’s start with an example. You meet someone. You’re at a party, they’re a friend of a friend. Said friend introduces you. When you shake hands, time slows to a halt. Then time stops. There’s a whirring, a shudder in the air between your bodies when your eyes lock. You’re lost in their –  oh, let’s say dark, liquid brown – eyes.

Not to mention the obvious physical chemistry from this first moment on, you’re also fascinated by their intellect, their music taste, their interest in exotic cuisine. You’re excited. This chance comes but once every so often, that you meet someone you’re genuinely interested in. Usually the people you meet are drones barking about football or bimbos whose hair is white and skin is orange. Not this one. This person is a beacon.

You don’t want to let your beacon slip away, so you decide to do something. There’s a tangible connection here, so you make a decision. “I’m going to make a move. I’m going to take action.”

You give them your number. Now girls, I know this is a big step. You’re a feisty, saucy lady putting yourself on the line like that, and I applaud you.

You ask for their number. Guys, I know this is tough this day in age with so many creepers lurking in every corner. Girls have honed their creep-dar, and for you, this is the point of no return. Good luck.

Now, there are also some of you out there who are true Millenials. Stop it. You don’t reach for your cell phone at this point in the conversation. All you do is ask for their last name. Or, even worse, you give them your last name. Except for extenuating circumstances, Facebook is by no means an acceptable form of dating communication. But that’s another story.


What Facebook has become.

For the purposes of this example, let’s say all goes well. They accept your number. They give you their own. Or they give you their last name and confirm they are reachable on Crackbook.

Now comes the wait.

You wait by the phone. You wait to call. You sit on your computer, madly refreshing to see if they’ve confirmed you as a friend.

This is not healthy.

Girls, putting your phone ringer on high+vibrate, carrying it with you everywhere around your apartment/residence/condo/house is wrong. Bringing this potentially blaring package with you into the bathroom while you shower so that you don’t miss a call is wrong. Jumping and swearing every time it rings (but it’s clearly not the call you want) is wrong.

Guys, that also applies to you. These days, it’s possible that you’re the one waiting for a phonecall. The points discussed above are also important for you. But you should also keep in mind that in many cases, the wait doesn’t have to exist with your help. You can call a girl as soon as you want, if you like her. Pay no heed to the “three day rule.” Be sweet and charming during that initial phonecall and you won’t seem creepy. Trust me, you won’t seem desperate or needy. You will seem like a man that knows what he wants and knows how to get it.

And Facebookers. Message your newfound friend as soon as you like, then get outside and play. Go run around the block, blow off some steam. Refresh has a truer meaning than hitting a browser button. Get away from the screen and take in some fresh air.

We all hate the wait. The wait is excruciating. The wait is unnecessary. It doesn’t have to exist. Stop waiting, start acting.


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